5 Affordable Beauty Must-Haves You Shouldn’t Miss!

This is the process: as I leisurely engage in my beauty research activities, experimenting with a wide range of products, including exorbitantly expensive facial creams and the most affordable eyebrow gels, I take note of any remarkable beauty discoveries that offer great value. I continue this process until I have a list of five such finds, and then I create a video to share them. That’s the general idea.

Ideally, I would produce videos more frequently, but time tends to slip away from me, and I find myself captivated by new and alluring beauty products from the laboratories. You’re probably familiar with how it goes. As a result, I accumulate an impressive collection of products that could easily justify higher price tags. They are meticulously formulated skincare items and makeup treasures that provide exceptional performance, yet they remain considerably more affordable than their luxury counterparts. Additionally, they are often available at discounted prices.

In this video, I showcase a lipstick that is significantly less expensive than the one I purchased from Gucci, along with an excellent new shampoo suitable for individuals prone to dandruff, and three other fantastic beauty purchases. It’s an assortment of well-priced goodness that offers great variety. Let’s get started!

Revlon “Pink in the Afternoon” Lipstick

Following my Gucci lipstick experiment (which you can find on Instagram if you missed it), I embarked on a quest to discover the most delightful pink lipsticks available on the high street. To be honest, I haven’t had great success thus far. The lipstick testers in stores are often absent, smudged with melted product, or hidden beneath the display stand. However, I did manage to find a promising contender: Revlon’s Pink in the Afternoon. It serves as an excellent starting point. While it is slightly less vibrant than Gucci’s Kimberley Rose, it is much more wearable and less intimidating.

The lipstick feels comfortable on the lips and initially offers a glossy finish that gradually transforms into a powdery pink. I adore it. Plus, priced at £7.99, it is far more affordable than the Gucci alternative, even if I did receive a complimentary (albeit disappointingly small) canvas bag from Gucci.

Sali Hughes Placid 5 Acid Daily Exfoliant

I’ve always had a soft spot for acid exfoliants. AHA for that coveted glow and BHA to keep my pores clear and prevent breakouts. Sali’s 5 Acid Daily Exfoliant is a game-changer in this department as it delivers both radiance and clarity. What sets it apart, though, is its remarkable gentleness. I can confidently use it every day, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing—incorporating it into my morning routine with a simple swipe after my micellar cleanse.

If you’ve been contemplating the idea of adding an exfoliant to your skincare regimen but have been unsure about how to use it, when to use it, and whether it will harmonize with your love for retinoids, then this product is an excellent starting point. It provides the perfect introduction to the world of exfoliation and will help address any confusion or concerns you may have.

L’Oreal Revitalift Clinical SPF50

L’Oreal has truly delivered with this exceptional product—a high protection face sunscreen that boasts a remarkably lightweight and refined texture. Upon application, it effortlessly melts into the skin, leaving behind no residue or uncomfortable sensation. It serves as a fantastic base for makeup, and its portability makes it incredibly convenient. It’s hard to find any flaws with this gem. It works wonders for oily skin types, though those with dry skin may want to layer it over a moisturizer to ensure ample hydration, as it leans towards the lighter side in terms of richness.

Mitchum Cedarwood Stick Deodorant

Mitchum recently introduced a Gel Cream deodorant, and while I appreciate its texture, fragrance, and effectiveness, I found the application slightly messy. Personally, I prefer their cream stick deodorant, which also comes in the delightful Cedarwood scent. The scent is a beautiful combination of green and woody notes, a refreshing departure from the typical soapy fragrances found in deodorants. The cream stick claims to provide 24-hour protection, although I don’t usually require that much, and I tend to shower it off before then. Nevertheless, it certainly performs well throughout a regular day. However, when I engage in intense cycling on my Peloton, it truly puts the deodorant to the test, and there is certainly some moisture present.

Head & Shoulders Bare Shampoo

Head & Shoulders seems to have taken a new direction with this shampoo, presenting a more premium appearance than their previous offerings and boasting a simplified ingredients list. Despite the upgrade, it still incorporates the signature anti-dandruff agent that H&S is known for, ensuring its effectiveness in combating dandruff. What sets it apart is its gentle treatment of the scalp, leaving the hair feeling neither dry nor stripped after rinsing. The formula is free from sulphated surfactants, silicones, and dyes, and even the lather feels indulgent and luxurious. If I were to participate in a blind test, I would have assumed this shampoo to be a costly purchase, making it an absolute steal, especially considering its current price.

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